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2001 Isle Of Man Harry Potter Harry And Magic Wand Silver Proof 1 Crown Coin Certified Graded And Slabbed By Pcgs As Pr69

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Link:  CERT VERIFICATION #28332641

Coin graded and certified by PCGS.

2001 Isle of man harry potter harry and magic wand silver proof 1 crown coin certified graded and slabbed by pcgs as pr69.

Proof coins are made using specially prepared dies and highly polished blanks to produce a frosted image with a mirror like surface.

Proof coins are superior struck and specially made for collectors.

PCGS & NGC are the main two impartial Numismatic Grading Services in the world and is a guarantee that the coin is genuine and has been graded accurately and professionally.

The sonically sealed solid plastic slabb is individually numbered so that the details of the coin(s) can be verified on a central database, and is also tamperproof.
In addition, the coin is protected from handling and keeps the coin(s) condition and finish long term if looked after which can be detrimental to the value once sold.


MS/PR-60 No wear. May have many heavy marks/hairlines, strike may not be full

MS/PR-61 No wear. Multiple heavy marks/hairlines, strike may not be full

MS/PR-62 No wear. Slightly less marks/hairlines, strike may not be full

MS/PR-63 Moderate number/size marks/hairlines, strike may not be full

MS/PR-64 Few marks/hairlines or a couple of severe ones, strike should be average or above

MS/PR-65 Minor marks/hairlines though none in focal areas, above average strike

MS/PR-66 Few minor marks/hairlines not in focal areas, good strike

MS/PR-67 Virtually as struck with minor imperfections, very well struck

MS/PR-68 Virtually as struck with slight imperfections, slightest weakness of strike allowed

MS/PR-69 Virtually as struck with minuscule imperfections, near full strike necessary

MS/PR-70 As struck, with full strike.

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